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Instructions for setting up FS FlightKeeper to send automatic Flight reports

1. Put this file into your FS Flightkeeper template directory.
2. Go to the "Templates/Email tab in the Options menu and select "FSFK-ESA-template.txt" in the "Virtual Airline settings" entry.
3. You can upload previous flights by opening a flight in FS Flight Keeper and clicking on the 4th button from the right with the little earth on it "Send the flight to a Web Service(PIREP).


You can also upload screenshots to show your flights to the world.
When you are in one for your logbooks, use the Login link on the top of the page. Then you can upload screenshots. You can upload seperate .jpg files or zip files containing several jpg files for easier uploading.
When you have upload some jpgs, Click on "Create album". This process can take several minutes as my server is not very fast.

Google Earth

To see your own (and possibly other's) flights in Google Earth, turn on live ACARS in FS Flight Keeper during your flight and open this link

This service is experimental because it runs on my small server behind my home internet connection. No guarantees will be given with regards to availability